By the time you are reading this, I will have already left Taiwan. This blog originally was to tell friends and family back home of what I was doing, but that didn’t seem to work out very well, seeing as I would have long periods of time not posting. Then I would post everything all at once.¬†Anyways, now it’s just a collection of pictures that tell of my time overseas, and I hope those that look through this enjoy. Though there were both ups and downs in this year, this experience was amazing and I encourage everyone to travel abroad if given the chance.

I will not be posting on this blog from here on out.

7.4 It’s inevitable that my last full day in Taiwan I have pearl milk tea and dumplings. The most iconic drink/food in Taiwan (or at least eaten for lunch most days of the week by exchange students). It was amazing ;o

7.3 Oh god, packing is a nightmare! At least I got most of my things into the two original suitcases! They’re only 15 kg each (8 more kg till max weight), and I bought a nice carry on bag for other stuff.

Thought I should take a before and after pic. Not much changed, except that my hair is darker and longer. And my expression looks less bored (though I think that also has to do with the angle and lighting). Also surprised that I’m about the same weight as when I came here, but personally, I don’t get why people everywhere are so concerned with weight..

7.3 Finally had the last rotary meeting! I thought the last one would be the one where I made the final speech…
Anyways, the food at this place is amazing!

7.2 More gifts from my friends!! They’re so nice ;o

Sophie gave me a small bag she got from Japan, Weiting gave me chopsticks (also from Japan), and Bruno gave me a ring (kinda random?) 

7.2 Went to the Eslite Bookstore Gift shop to buy Taiwanese snacks as gifts for my parents and sister! I hope they like them : )

And I’ll get to eat some too!! Muahahaha!

7.1 Ate at a Haagen Dahs restaurant with my lovely friend!! Wow it was the most delicious ice cream I’ve had in Taiwan. (And the most expensive.) Totally worth it!!

Aren’t we so cute? hehe

7.1 Today was interesting! I met up with a woman who is going to be my Chinese teacher next year. Because I’m switching schools, she was currently in Taiwan so she asked me to meet up in a cafe with her so I could be tested. It turns out that my Chinese is pretty good so I’ll be put in the most advanced class! The test was just something written, and then she asked me questions. Afterwards, we just chatted, and I was glad how I could speak to someone in a language that’s not English!!

Anyways, when we were headed back to the MRT we saw this rainbow : )

6.30 Goodbye Sophie… you were the best friend I had here! I will definitely see you again in the future!!